Palacios Golf Course

Palacios is home to a nine-hole golf course near the Municipal Airport on Hwy. 35 west of Palacios. 

For information, call 361-972-5947. Carts are available.

Fishing in Palacios

Palacios is a paradise for those who love to fish. There are three, free lighted fishing piers in town, open 24 hours a day, as well as lighted groins.  The Pavilion pier is a t-head which is wheelchair accessible.

Fish found in the bay include Striped Bass, Gafftopsail Catfish, Hardhead Catfish, Atlantic Croaker, Black Drum, Red Drum, Southern Flounder, Barred Grunt, Spotted Hake, Skipjack Herring, Crevalle Jack, Ladyfish, Gulf Menhaden, Pigfish, Smooth Puffer, Sand Seatrout, Blacktip Shark, Gray Snapper, Southern Stingray, Gulf Toadfish and Tripletail.

Fishing Guides are available. You can find them listed in our Business Directory.

Water Sports

Sailing | Palacios Yaht Club 

“We invite you to our home waters of Matagorda Bay. Located midway between Galveston and Corpus Christi, we enjoy the best-kept secret on the Texas coast. Open water sailing, excellent fishing, and some of the finest people you will ever find.”

The waters are never crowded, but on a sunny day you may see a sailboat or two, a couple of jet skis, someone windsurfing or kite-sailing, or perhaps a family on kayaks. The Palacios bayfront is the perfect place for water activities of all kinds.

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