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photo credit: Joe Valdez

Certified Film Friendly

Palacios has been awarded Texas Film Friendly certification and is proud to be a certified Texas Film Friendly Community!

The Film Friendly Texas (FFTX) program provides training and ongoing guidance to statewide community representatives on how to effectively market their communities as filming destinations and how to efficiently accommodate on-location filming activity.

In addition, certified communities have attended Film Friendly Texas training workshops, submitted photo coverage of potential filming locations for inclusion in the Texas Film Commission location database and have passed filming guidelines approved by the FFTX office. As of 2016, there were 90 certified communities representing various regions of Texas, with other municipalities in the process of completing certification.

For more information on filming in Palacios and to see our film location photo gallery, we invite you to visit the Palacios Film Friendly Program at the Palacios Economic Development Corporation. Hope to see you here soon!

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