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Photo of Palacios Yacht Club

Palacios Yacht Club

Contact: Steven George
Work 454 B Main St Palacios Texas 77465 Website: Palacios Yacht Club
Categories: Sailing
Photo of Parker Lumber

Parker Lumber

Contact: Velma Sanchez
Work 204 Henderson Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-5500
Categories: Building Supplies
Photo of Peaceful Pelican Bed and Breakfast

Peaceful Pelican Bed and Breakfast

Contact: Paula Whitney
Work 317 East Bay Boulevard Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 888-972-0317 Work Phone: 361-972-0317 Website: Peaceful Pelican
Categories: Bed & Breakfasts
Photo of Pierce Real Estate

Pierce Real Estate

Contact: John Pierce
Work 438 Main Street Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-0810 Website: Pierce Real Estate
Categories: Real Estate

Pirate Queen’s Designs

Contact: Mary Kathryn Niccolai
Work 405 Main Street Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-403-0214
Categories: Specialty

Port Lavaca Nursing & Rehab Center

Contact: Tria Svatek
Work 524 Village Road Port Lavaca Texas 77979 Main: 361-552-3741 Website: Regency Healthcare | Port Lavaca
Categories: Nursing Homes

Porter’s Ace Hardware

Contact: Dale Porter
Work 710 Main St. Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-5222 Website: Porter’s Ace Hardware Website: Porter’s Ace Hardware – FB
Categories: Hardware
Photo of Prosperity Bank

Prosperity Bank

Contact: Donna Brune
Work 600 Henderson Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-5481 Work Fax: 361-972-6607 Website: Prosperity Bank
Categories: Banks
Work Texas Cell Phone: 683-465-7419
401 E. University Ave. Palacios Texas 77465 Main: 979-240-5302

R & R Printing & Graphics

Contact: Sherry Roddy
Work 103 E. Monseratte El Campo Texas 77437 Work Phone: 979-543-9498 Work Phone: 1-888-219-2342 Work Fax: 979-543-5545 Work Fax: 1-800-577-9498
Categories: Printing

Rainbow Room-Wharton/Matagorda Counties

Contact: Lynda Richter
Work P.O. Box 411 Wharton Texas 77488-0411 Main: 979-637-6556
Categories: Non-Profit Organizations
Work 1228 W. Bayshore Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 949-547-8804
Work 1228 W. Bayshore Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 949-505-2099

RCR Properties, Inc.

Contact: Kathy Carlisle
Work 14014 Vinchill Sugarland Texas 77498 Main: 832-247-6338
Categories: Real Estate
Photo of Reddy Air-Conditioning and Heating

Reddy Air-Conditioning and Heating

Contact: Minh T. Thach
Work 1708 Gray St Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-935-9798
Categories: Air Conditioning & Heating
Work 1004 CR 304 Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-2002
Photo of Robert Knox Insurance Agency

Robert Knox Insurance Agency

Contact: Robert Knox
Work 422 N. Virginia Port Lavaca Texas 77979 Work Phone: 361-552-4689 Website: Robert Knox Insurance Agency
Categories: Insurance
Photo of Roots and Spores

Roots and Spores

Contact: Travis Whitbeck
PO Box 410 Palacios Texas 77465 Main: 817-688-6475 Website: Roots and Spores
Categories: Specialty

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