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Chau Law Firm

Contact: Jennifer Chau
Work P.O. Box 990 Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-2428 Website: Chau Law Firm
Categories: Attorneys
Photo of City of Palacios

City of Palacios

Contact: David Kocurek City Manager
Work 311 Henderson Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-3605 Website: City of Palacios
Categories: GOVERNMENT

City Secretary

Contact: Clissa Mills
Work P. O. Box 845 Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-3605
Categories: GOVERNMENT
Photo of Clyde’s Custom Works

Clyde’s Custom Works

Contact: Clyde and Pam Oliver
Work 488 CR 317 Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-6208 Cell Phone: 361-920-3417
Categories: Equipment Operator
Photo of Coastal Batteries

Coastal Batteries

Contact: Hank & JoAnn Biggers
Work 1723 W. Bayshore Drive Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-404-1987
Categories: Golf Cart Dealership & Batteries

Coastal Bend Assocation of Realtors

Contact: Brenda Carter
Work P. O. Box 2246 Austin Texas 78768 Work Phone: 361-920-2005 Website: Coast Bend Association of Realtors
Categories: Clubs & Associations

County Clerk

Contact: Janet Hickl
Work 1700 7th Street Room 202 Bay City Texas 77465 Work Phone: 979-244-7680
Categories: GOVERNMENT

County Judge

Contact: Nate McDonald
Work 1700 7th Street Bay City Texas 77414 Work Phone: 979-244-7605
Categories: GOVERNMENT

Dairy Queen of Palacios

Work 215 HENDERSON Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-2554 Website: Dairy Queen
Categories: Fast Food

Danny’s Seafood House

Contact: Quoc Dang
Work 1000 1st Street Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-403-0181
Categories: Independent
Photo of Delux Inn Motel

Delux Inn Motel

Contact: Gary Bhakta
Work 1505 First St Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 361-972-2547 Website: Deluxe Inn
Categories: Motels

Deutschburg Community Club

Contact: Dane Kubecka
Work 2539 Co Road 452 Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 979-240-9855 Work Fax: 979-543-7799
Categories: Clubs & Associations
Photo of Dolphin Cove RV Park

Dolphin Cove RV Park

Contact: Brendan Walsh
Work 12184 FM 2853 Palacios Texas 77465 Other PO Box 94 Blessing Texas 77419 Work Phone: 815-599-5690 Website: Website Website: Facebook Page
Categories: RV Parks

Drymalla Construction Co., LLC

Work P.O. Box 698 Columbus Texas 78934 Work Phone: 979-732-5731 Website:
Categories: Uncategorized

East Bayshore RV Park

Contact: Shane Krenek
Work 326 E Bayshore Dr Palacios Texas 77465 Work Phone: 979-236-9800
Categories: RV Parks

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